There are over 40 pages of in-depth interviews with industry heavy hitters including Eric
Persing, Gary Garritan, Doug Rogers, Maarten Spruijt, Jeremy Soule, Robert Kral and Herb
Tucmandl. These individuals offer candid and often surprising answers to tough questions
about (доставка цветов Сыктывкар), the composition and orchestration
process using MIDI and samples and much more. Interviews with mastering engineers Bob
Katz, Bob Ludwig, Patricia Sullivan Fourstar provide the reader with information that can be
use to make your final product sound cleaner, fuller, larger and more professional.

Paul presents an in-depth look at his personal studio and current setup. He shares the ideas
that he and studio designer John Storyk came up with to make Broken Pony Studios a fulfilling
environment to work in and what you can do to increase the accuracy of your recording space.