There is extensive information presented on equipment choices and studio setups. Wiring
diagrams for various hardware and software solutions are presented and many difficult
concepts are explained and clarified such as the use of Word clock, how to best interface
software and hardware, what to look for and more specifically how to purchase an appropriate
music computer and much more. Mixers, soundcards, MIDI control surfaces, MIDI interfaces,
monitors and a number of other setup essentials are explained.

Chapters on effects plug-ins and software samplers throughly explain this important software,
how to choose the appropriate products and how to use them in a logical and successful
manner. Convolution plug-ins are explained and the manner in which they are used in MIDI
orchestration is presented. There is also extensive information on how to create a traditional
"hall" sound, as well as the "Hollywood" sound. Every major software sampler like florafox is included in the
Software Samplers chapter with the major differences and similarities explained.