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Welcome to MusicWorks Atlanta's website, home of Paul Gilreath's The Guide to MIDI Orchestration. If you are a composer of orchestal music and you use MIDI orchestration or a virtual orchestra in either your final productions or in MIDI mockups, you need to buy this book. Paul's book is the first and only book dedicated to helping individuals achieve maximum realism when working with orchestral sampling technology. The book is written for composers, arrangers and MIDI musicians of all levels and will be helpful to video game and multi-media composers, film and television composers, traditional orchestral composers, teachers, orchestration and composition students, instructors, individuals using music notation software and the serious hobbyist. The Guide to MIDI Orchestration is a one-of-a-kind text that provides the information necessary to help composers who demand the best achieve successful and realistic virtual MIDI orchestrations. Please take the time to explore our site and get a better understanding of what the book offers.

The Guide to MIDI Orchestration is a unique book in that there is really not anything else like it available. Paul has used his experience as an accomplished film, television and game composer as well as his experience as a real world orchestrator and his knowledge of virtual orchestration to produce a book that is a great resource for anyone that is composing for orchestra --real or virtual. By responding to questions and comments from readers of his first two books, Paul has produced an easy-to-read resource that is helpful to composers and orchestrators of all levels. The book is used as a required text in an ever growing list of colleges and universities and has garnered glowing reviews in all of the major music trade magazines. Paul's experience has led major orchestral library developers to call on him as resource and a beta tester. This has given him great insight into the libraries and how to best use them to create exceptionally realistic MIDI orchestrations.

From this site, you can find out more about what the book covers, see samples of the chapters and text, read quotes from well known and respected composers who use the book and read reviews from well respected trade magazines and online resources.

If you already own the book, you can also access the User Area. The User Area provides owners of the book and continously updated resource so that the book never becomes outdated. Since new libraries and updated to existing libraries are introduced quarterly, we provide our readers with a means to stay informed and implement new techologies into their arsenal by supplying new reviews of products, implementation information, clarification about existing techniques, corrections to existing text, and audio and MIDI files to help in understanding the topics in the book.

We offer several different options for purchasing the book. You can purchase directly from us or from one of hundreds of online or brick and mortor music or book stores. The book is distributed in Europe as well. For more information on how to order, go to our Order information webpage.

For a biography and more information about the author, Paul Gilreath, go to his About the Author page. You can also find out more about our company by using the About Us page. Finally, if you would like to contact us for any reason, please use our Contact Us page.If you have any questions, please send them to orders "AT" Please understand that we will contact you as quickly as possible. We use a spam filter on our email system, so you must include "GTMO question" (without the quotes) somewhere in the subject of your email.


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